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World Cal, Inc. is an A2LA accredited, independent, calibration laboratory providing a wide range of NIST traceable calibration services for RF and Microwave Equipment at a competitive price.

World Cal specializes in the calibration of complex EMC equipment such as EMI receivers, surge and burst generators, and harmonic and flicker units.

We can calibrate over 1,000 different RF and Microwave instruments, price match our competitors, offer next on bench services for rapid turnaround, and can visit your location with our mobile laboratory to keep your equipment downtime at a minimum.

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World Cal, and our partners, Iron Eagle Technologies and Liberty Labs, are excited to announce a new line of testing capabilities for renewable energy products.

Through our Global Renewable Energy Assessment Testing laboratory, we can provide independent testing and certification of your solar modules, cells, wind generators and inverters.

We are in the application process for our A2LA accreditation, under Certificate 1818.02, and expect to be performing accredited services UL 1703, UL 1741, IEC 61646, IEC 61215 and more.

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August 4th-8th in Raleigh, NC

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